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Our relationship with their helpful staff is great! Thank you for your help.
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Panah Construction is a company that keeps customer satisfaction very high with the services it offers.
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A combination that offers wonders when it meets the location of Cyprus. Thanks for everything

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use this guide to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to your property.

In order for a foreign national to acquire immovable property in his own name, he must apply to the Council of Ministers for a purchase permit. (Results in 1-2 months for Turkish citizens, 6-8 months for other people.)

There is no home purchase limit for Northern Cyprus citizens. and Foreign nationals have the right to purchase 1 property per person in the TRNC. 1 plot of land or 1 flat or 1 acre of land or 1 parcel is classified as “1”. The monetary value is not important. Married couples are considered as 1 person. If the names of the married couples are different, they are not considered unique.

Yes, it is changing. There are annual property taxes on homes, property taxes on businesses, and workplace taxes.

a. Withholding: It is paid by the seller to the tax office during the title deed transfer. In the case of non-profit, withholding tax is 2.8%, although it is 3.5% in current practice. Note: A one-time withholding tax exception is applied to each person for land and residence. Although the withholding tax is 6.25% in case of profit, it is paid at the rate of 4% during the transfer. b. Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT rate in VAT cases is 5%, it is paid by the buyer to the tax office to the seller before the transfer is made by the seller. In cases where the seller is not profitable, VAT is not applied to individual sales. c. Title Deed Transfer Fee: It is paid by the buyer to the title deed office during the transfer. Although the title deed fee is 6%, it is applied once as 3% for the land and residence. Different taxes are applied in transfers made through grants: Parent-child grants 0.2% spousal 0.4% grandparents 0.4% + withholding tax. D. Stamp Stamp: Within 21 days after the two parties sign the sales contract, the buyer receives 0.5% postage to the tax office and the contract is registered in the Land Registry, thus guaranteeing the buyer’s right of ownership. .

If your real estate is suitable for a loan, you can get a loan at the rates determined by the bank’s Expert value. By giving what you bought with a mortgaged real estate, your country can get a loan on its income statement.

Real estate can be purchased with a power of attorney issued in accordance with Northern Cyprus legislation.

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